Friday, May 21, 2010

1st Clicks Review

In my search to find a good internet filtering software to protect my kids while they surf at home, I came across 1st Clicks by SFY. The idea of 1st Clicks is that it hides your computer desktop and replaces it with a new screen which contains lists of websites, programs and games that parents can configure and allow their kids to use.

1st Clicks costs US$19.95, which is priced on the more reasonable side when compared with other similar software. It comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and the option to download a 14 day trial version of the software.

This sounded like what I was looking for and I decided to download and install the 14 day free trial version of 1st Clicks 1.2 on my Windows XP home computer. Here’s how I got on.

The download and installation was very straight forward. No confusing installation options, basically you only need to agree to the terms of the License Agreement.

Configuration of 1st Clicks can be quite time consuming as you may need to switch between Windows and the new restricted screen to check website addresses and paths to program files. While the process of adding objects to the allowed items is not very complicated it would make the setup so much easier if the 1st Clicks configuration page was accessible directly from Windows.

After the configuration was complete I was ready to start testing. Initially the results were very positive. Kids could only access the items configured on the new desktop screen. However after further testing I noticed a ‘feature’ in web browsing that was not so good.

When an allowed website contains a link that is designed to open a new webpage, it will open in Internet Explorer instead of the restricted browser. Meaning the kids have access to Internet Explorer Favorites, Address bar and Search functions and are back on the web unrestricted.


30 day money back guarantee
Simple Download and Installation.
Good Control of access to Games & Programs.


Setting up of allowed websites is time consuming.
Some web links open in Internet Explorer instead of the restricted Internet browser.

(Hopefully this issue will be resolved in a later release of 1st Clicks)


I’ll have to give this one a thumbs down.

My search for a reliable web filtering software continues.

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